Cost of treatment

Generally, the following information about costs are valid:

Beta Klinik is an approved private clinic and bills for inpatient medical care are in compliance with the Beta Klinik tariff, a company-based tariff.

The medical services carried out by our medical doctors and the outpatient treatment are in compliance with GOÄ, a German payment system for private patients.

The Beta Klinik tariff is similar to the DRG system and approximately comparable to costs of clinics providing full medical service and billing in compliance with the DRG system but without taking the duration of stay into account. The particular aspects of a private clinic, which does not get any governmental or public subsidies, is taken into consideration. For German financial assistance patients, we include a DRG comparison bill, which makes transparent billing with German financial assistance departments possible.

In case of so-called check-ups or preventive examinations, German health insurance companies only pay for medical examinations which are absolutely necessary.


Costs for international patients

Please contact us to get an estimate of costs with respect to your prospective medical treatment and further information about payment terms. Subject to your individual situation, it may be possible that your costs are covered by an international insurance company or cost coverage by embassies or by private payments.