Causes tennis elbow

The tennis elbow is a typical overtaxing damage of the area between the tendon of the outer elbow and the upper arm bone. This location is typical for an inflammatory irritation because different kinds of elasticity of the tendon and bone meet. Activities that trigger the tennis arm are, besides playing tennis with tensely holding the racket, cutting the hedge with a hedge trimmer, which is used with stretched arms at the top of the hedge. Hours of mounting “Swedish cupboards” without a cordless screwdriver or riding heavy choppers extensively, accompanied by their characteristic vibrations, can also promote the tennis elbow. Functional disorders of the cervical and thoracic spine can lead to a tennis elbow by increasing the tension within the extensor muscles of the forearm, resulting in an increased tension of the stretching tendons.

The causes of tennis elbow in short

  • monotonous taxing of the extensor muscles of the forearm
  • vibrations
  • problems/functional disorders of the cervical spine