Chiropractic, pediatric orthopedics, knee and hip replacement

Chiropractic, pediatric orthopedics, knee and hip replacement

Peter Braun, M.D., and his team treat congenital and acquired malformations of joints, degenerative joint diseases (arthritis) and sports injuries of adults and children. Their services include conservative (non-surgical) treatments, chiropractic and surgery (inpatient and outpatient), especially on hip and knee joints.

For our operations, we use the two most modern class 1 operating rooms of Beta Klinik with 3D X-ray diagnostics during surgery.

The medical care after surgery is carried out at the interdisciplinary recovery station and, if necessary, the intensive care unit.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation after or independent of surgery can take place at the sports and rehabilitation center Beta Sport and Reha.

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Konservative Therapie

Conservative treatments (main focus)

  • extracorporeal shock wave therapy (Storz Ultra Tower focused, radial)
  • hyaluronic acid injections in all joints
  • provision and adaptation of orthopedic supplies like bandages, orthoses, inlays for shoes in close cooperation with an orthopedic technician
  • comprehensive physiotherapy at Beta Sport and Reha

Surgical treatments (main focus)

  • joint replacement (partial or total) specializing in knee and hip surgery
  • surgical replacement of pre-existent joint replacements of knee and hip joints
  • implantation of hip and knee replacements made to measure thanks to thorough CT and MRI analysis
  • arthroscopic (endoscopic) surgery of all joints (working closely together with further orthopedic specialists of Beta Ortho) employing state-of-the-art HD video technology
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  • Beta Klinik rapid recovery: special therapy concept for pain-free operations, quick rehabilitation and quick return to daily and occupational life