Natural orthopedic therapy

Natural orthopedic therapy

As an alternative to invasive and surgical therapy options, Dr. med. Rainer Esch, M.D., and Dr. med. Thomas Lagodka, M.D., carry out natural orthopedic treatments. These options are especially interesting to patients without the indication of surgery or high-risk surgical patients, or if patients want to try out alternative therapy options in addition to scientific medicine before undergoing surgery. By using these alternative treatment options, disorders and damages of the musculoskeletal systems can be improved or even removed at best.


Diseases treated

Kniebehandlung durch Dr. Lagodka


  • manual therapy/chiropractic
  • muscle development training
  • acupuncture (relief of pain, decrease of swellings, muscle relaxation)
  • magnetic resonance therapy (metabolic improvement of cells in cartilage, muscles or connective tissue, and, thus, regeneration)
  • patient´s own growth factors (ACP—autologous, conditioned plasma: injection of platelet-rich plasma into damaged parts of the body)
  • natural cartilage components like hyaluronic acid as protective film for joint surfaces
  • phytotherapy (application of herbs)

We carry out the aforementioned and further treatment options in order to avoid surgery for you. But if surgery is indicated and necessary for you, we can, of course, offer you surgical care.