Treatment natural orthopedic therapy

If possible and medically indicated, we try to utilize natural treatments before we consider surgery.

Natural orthopedic therapy options include:

  • manual therapy/chiropractic (in case of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system)
  • acupuncture (good complementary therapy)
  • herbal medicine (phytotherapy, e.g., to treat pain and inflammations)
  • cupping therapy (to stimulate reflexology areas the spine is flanked by in order to enable an improved transport of acidic lymph)
  • autologous conditioned plasma (ACP: growth factors extracted from platelets during blood centrifugation are injected into the damaged joint)
  • natural cartilage components (hyaluronic acid from cockscombs, lead to cartilage improvement of the arthritic joint)
  • magnetic resonance therapy (improves the metabolism of cartilage cells and result in a structural improvement of the cartilage layers of the joint)
  • pulsed signal therapy (PST–cartilage improvement by frequency-modulated electrical signs)
  • shockwave therapy (to treat tennis elbow, golfer´s elbow, achillodynia, calcific shoulder and impaired healing of bone fractures/pseudoarthrosis)
  • sclerotherapy (with glucose in case of joint instability, e.g., as a result of ligament damage)