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Additional competence – Beta Dental gets a new face, Dr. Dr. Manuel Moroni and Colleagues are our new Dentists, Prof. Dr. Stefan C. Müller strengthens the Urology department and Nadine Mühlbauer the Visceral Surgery.


The Beta Klinik offers gentle minimally invasive operational procedures, amongst others, the treatment of epilepsy and brain tumours using the modern operations laser Visualase.


Kompetenz-Zuwachs – Beta Dental bekommt ein neues Gesicht, Dr. Dr. Manuel Moroni und Kollegen sind unsere neuen Zahnärzte, Prof. Dr. Stefan C. Müller verstärkt die Urologie und Nadine Mühlbauer die Viszeralchirurgie.


Die Beta Klinik bietet ein schonendes minimalinvasives Operationsverfahren, unter anderem zur Behandlung von Epilepsie und Gehirntumoren, mit dem modernen Operationslaser Visualase an.


Opening of the International Epilepsy Centre at the Beta Klinik (Beta IEC). Expansion to include the Vascular Surgery Department.


Founding of Beta Preventive Healthcare (Beta PHC). Expansion to include the field of sleep medicine.


650-square-metre expansion of the BetaGenese Klinik. Inclusion of 30 beds and 28 licensed beds in the neighbouring Hotel Kameha Grand as part of the BetaGenese ward.


Opening of the cardiac catheter laboratory. Commissioning of a new 1,500-square-metre building. Near doubling of the Beta Klinik ward’s bed capacity. Doubling of the BetaGenese Klinik’s bed capacity. Opening of the patient bistro.


Addition of the Neurology, Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology and Special Rhythmology and Urology Departments as well as the opening of the BetaGenese Ward