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Addition of the senology with tomosynthesis, mammography, gynaecology, oncology, dentistry, plastic and aesthetic surgery, ear, nose and throat medicine, laboratory medicine, neurology and paediatrics, sports medicine, internal medicine and naturopathy specialist areas


Expansion to include a second operating theatre. Enlargement of the ward. Installation and commissioning of a second 3 Tesla MRI.


Beginning of the 1700-square-metre expansion of the clinic. Addition of the orthopaedics, surgery and proctology, dermatology and allergology and nuclear medicine specialist areas


Beginning of clinic operations with one operating theatre, six patient rooms and the Neuroradiology, Neurosurgery, Radiology, Anaesthesiology and Internal Medicine Departments


Eröffnung des internationalen Epilepsie Centrums an der Beta Klinik (Beta IEC) und Erweiterung um den Fachbereich Gefäßchirurgie