MediNetz- Help for the Helpless

The Beta Klinik supports the charitable association MediNetz with medical competence as an indication of solidarity for the weakest in our society. The MediNetz association is a network for free, anonymous treatment involving psychological, medical and dentistry for refugees without papers or uncertain residence status, based on the principle “Every person has the right to medical treatment,” and it connects ill people who have no health insurance or money with doctors who will treat them free of charge.

Dr. Bettina Wolfgarten, Head of Radiology at the Beta Klinik and Dr. Matthias Wolfgarten, Head of Gynaecology at the Beta Klinik have been involved with MediNetz since 2008 and co-ordinate the Beta Klinik efforts and involvement.

The Beta Klinik takes over the necessary medical treatment for those patients referred by MediNetz. This includes diagnostics with all available medical techniques, medical treatment and potential operations with subsequent inpatient stays and competent care.
MediNetz bears the material costs involved and the Beta Klinik assumes the remaining costs. During the last twelve years since its foundation MediNetz has referred 4600 patients to doctors.