Dr. med. dent. Guido Wegner, D.M.D.

Dental medicine – implantology – orthodontics/maxillofacial surgery

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Further information

  • dentistry, implantology (cert.), orthodontics (cert.), oral and
    maxillofacial surgery
  • motor sportsman

Dr. Guido Wegner, D.M.D., was born in Bonn, Germany. During his military service, he was a competitive athlete (fencing) in a sports program of the German military. Afterwards, he worked as a math high school teacher at the Hebo-Studienkolleg Bonn, Germany.

From 1981-1983, he studied human medicine in Italy (Ancona) and from 1983-1988 dental medicine in Germany (Giessen). After his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Wegner worked at a practice for maxillofacial surgery in Fulda, Germany, and as a consultant at a hospital.

In 1992, he founded a dental practice in Wesseling, Germany, in which 7 dentists and 2 dental master technicians have worked until today.

Dr. Wegner became a board-certified specialist in implantology in 1999 and maxillofacial surgery in 2012.

Being a motor sportsman, Dr. Wegner successfuly took part in several 24-h races at the Nürburgring, Germany.