Dentist Maximilian Braun

Aesthetic reconstructive dentistry and orthodontics – implantology – dental sleep medicine – sports dentistry

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Maximilian Braun was born in Bonn and finished high school at the Konrad-Adenauer-Gymnasium in 2007. He carried out his civilian service with Prof. Hartmann in the department for clinical biology and pharmacology at the Uni-klinik in Bonn and went on to study dentistry at the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen from 2008 to 2013. After qualifying, Mr Braun worked in hospitals in different areas of dental technology, orthodontics, oral surgery and mouth, jaw and facial surgery.After his state exams and receiving his licence to practice medicine in 2013, Mr Braun worked in a specialist orthodontic practice in Wiesbaden and later in dental practices in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler and in Bonn. Maximilian Braun has worked as a dentist, employed in Dr. Dr. Moroni MSc. mult. & Colleagues’ dental practice since 2015.

His professional track record has also been shaped by intensive specialist and further training. Mr Braun also successfully completed several specialist further training courses in the area of orthodontics and is very experienced in aesthetic dental correction and also various alignment systems. He has been certified in Invisalign Full since 2017 and in addition, completing his Master of Science (MSc.) postgraduate university studies at the DPU, Danube Private University in Krems, Austria.

Mr Braun specialised in implantology in 2015 and graduated from the 1. Curriculum of ITI (International Team for Implantology). He has carried out numerous implants and is extremely experienced in this area. In 2019, he has intensified his know-how in the area of implantology with postgraduate studies Master of Science (MSc.) in oral surgery / implantolgoy at the DPU, Danube Private University in Krems, Austria.

Sleep dentistry is a further area of focus and here Mr Braun completed further training under Prof. Hinz (Haranni-Academy, Herne) and Dr. Schwarting (German Society for Dental Sleep Medicine, DGZS) and specialised in the curriculum of Dental Sleep Medicine DGZS/APW in 2017.
Mr Braun is also active in the newer area of sports dentistry and is currently specialising in that field in the German Society for Sports Dentistry (DGSZM/APW). He is also the student co-ordinator of the German Society for the Prevention and Rehabilitation in Top-class Sports (DGzPRsport).
In addition Mr Braun is a member of renowned scientific professional societies such as the German Society for Orthodontics (DGKFO), the International Team for Implantology (IT), the German Society for Sleep Dentistry (DGSZ), the German Society for Sports Dentistry, (DGSZM), the German Society for Prevention and Rehabilitation in Top-class Sports (DGzPRsport) as well as the European and International Association of Sportsdentistry (EASD) and (IASD).

In the course of his dissertation, Maximilian Braun examined the behaviour of lower jaw protrusion splints (snore guards) and together with Prof. Bourauel at the University of Bonn, developed a new kind of splint to treat light and middle grade sleep apnoea.
In his master thesis (MSc. Orthodontics) he focussed on orthodontic treatment of sleep apnoea in children and young people.

Further training

  • 2015: Sleep dentistry compact course with Prof. Hinz, Herne
  • 2015: Imman Aligner Certification
  • 2015-2016: Curriculum Implantology of ITI (International Team for Implantology)
  • 2016: Admission for Master of Science (MSc.) post graduate studies in Orthodontics at the DPU, Danube Private University in Krems, Austria
  • 2017: Curriculum Dental Sleep Medicine of APW/DGZS (German Society for Dental Sleep Medicine)
  • 2018: Invisalign Full Certification
  • 2019: Curriculum Sports Dentistry of APW/DGSZM (German Society for Sports Dentistry)
  • 2019: Admission for Master of Science (MSc.) post graduate studies in Oral Surgery/Implantology at DPU, Danube Private University in Krems, Austria.