The Beta Plus-Concept – Obesity

The desperation of obese patients and their multiple diseases is well known. There are, however, successful treatments in this area.

With the interdisciplinary Obesity-Centre at The Beta Klinik in Bonn, we offer overweight patients a competent and experienced team who will advise you personally and comprehensively Our Beta Plus Obesity Package features an in-depth consultation, comprehensive diagnostics and individual treatment with short distances between the specialist departments.

In a seamless treatment plan, out-patient and hospitalisation steps will be agreed on to give heavily overweight patients the best all round treatment in a comfortable atmosphere. The patient profits from a single source holistic approach.

The diagnosis and treatments of existing accompanying illnesses are as equally important as the weight reduction and the recovery of the body’s contours after a significant weight loss. A designated contact person will be at the patient’s side during the whole treatment process