The Competence of the Team

A competent team

There is an experienced and dedicated team providing excellent patient care and support. We highly value working in a close and interdisciplinary manner to provide the best possible care.


Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Türler – Specialist for visceral surgery and special visceral surgery. Specialist in bariatric surgery and featured in the FOCUS-doctor list as one of the leading surgeons in this field in Germany.


Dr. troph. Eva Wolf – Ecotrophologist and case manager. Specialised in conservative obesity treatment and therapeutic care with bariatric surgery.


Ursula Hecht-Wagner – Qualified Oecotrophologist  and nutritionist in Chinese Medicine (TCM) – specialised in nutritional counselling, adiposis therapy and general dietetics. She will gladly answer your questions at: Questions to Beta Plus Adiposis.


Carmen Fagel – Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, physical and rehabilitation medicine as well as special pain therapy. Together with her team of doctors and therapists, she safeguards the individual psychosomatic evaluation and care before, during and after obesity treatments.


Dr. med. Katharina-Elisabeth Gay-Heppelmann – is a specialist for both general medicine and nutritional medicine. Together with the obese patients, she works out their individual diet-related risk profile and based on that, a balanced and healthy nutritional plan which combines both weight reduction and a sufficient supply of nutrients.

Dr. med. Markus Klingenberg – Orthopaedist. Specialist for effective diagnostics and sustainable successful treatment of complaints of the musculoskeletal system. Together with our Sport and Rehab Team, he develops an individual training plan which is tailor made to the patient’s needs.

Dr. med. Daniel Sattler

Dr. med. Daniel Sattler – Plastic and cosmetic surgery, carrying out the post bariatric surgery. This includes tightening the skin parts which cannot regain form on their own after a massive weight loss.


Prof. Dr. med. Jörg-Otto Schwab – Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology, interventional cardiology and rhythmology. Advises and treats obese patients in every question and finding to do with accompanying diseases such as heart attacks, cardiac arrhythmia or high blood pressure.