Phlebology and vein surgery

Venous disorders precisely treated

Roughly every seventh European suffers from a venous disorder requiring treatment. There are often varicose veins (varicosities) already visible. When these are untreated, they can lead to skin discolouration, so called “leg ulcers”, thrombosis as well as to an accompanying pulmonary embolism. Other symptoms of a venous disorder are swollen, painful legs, heaviness or calf cramps. With thorough diagnosis as well as tailor-made treatments, serious secondary diseases can be prevented.

At The Beta Klinik, Peter Neff, specialist for general surgery and renowned phlebologist (DGP) with the certified Venous Competence Centre is responsible for the gentle endovenous treatment of varicose veins. Peter Neff uses non-surgical methods. Necessary venous surgery is carried out as gently to the skin as possible. Arteriosclerosis of the leg (window shopper’s disease), is a common accompanying disease of venous disorders. Holistic treatment for Peter Neff’s patients is assured through the close co-operation with the vascular surgery and cardiology departments.

Diagnostisic Spectrum

  • Ultrasound (B-mode, colour duplex sonography, triplex sonography)
  • Modern and painless functional tests of veins and arteries
  • Duplex and doppler sonography

Therapeutic Spectrum

  • Gentle vein adhesion treatment
  • Gentle, catheter-based radiofrequency therapy
  • Foam sclerotherapy of varicose veins
  • Micro foam and liquid sclerotherapy of spider veins
  • Classical varicose veins operations
  • Under hospitalisation conditions: Plastic covering of leg ulcers, complete decongestive therapy of lipo-lymphoedema.