Diagnostics and therapy

The experts of Beta Preventive Healthcare offer a wide range of treatments which can be combined as necessary according to patients’ needs.




Thermographic images are analysed using flowwing®tc thus enabling a holistic approach to the unclear primary disorders.
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Light and Laser Therapies:

The light and laser therapies include the Energetic Corrector by Dr. Rafael Sahakian, intravenous laser therapy as well as light therapy (Hyperphoton 3D).
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Oxygen Therapies:

Within the scope of oxygen therapies, Beta Preventive Healthcare Cellgym provides patients with medical oxygen according to need.
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Infusion and injection therapy:

Infusions work quickly in the body. Amongst the therapies available are restoration of a healthy gut, building up of the immune system, orthomolecular therapy as well as biomolecular therapy.
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