Infusion and injection therapy

Intestinal Rehabilitation

A well-functioning intestinal immune system is the most important prerequisite for the body’s defence system and, therefore, a precondition for one’s overall health. The functional integrity of the intestinal immune system is closely linked to balanced intestinal flora. This includes the approximately 300 different species of intestinal bacteria, which are in correct proportion to each other, necessary for normal digestion and many metabolic processes.

Therapy for intestinal rehabilitation involves intestinal flora build-up using live intestinal bacteria – a so-called symbiotic control – as well as deacidifying measures and clarification of food intolerances.

Detoxification, Deacidification

Today’s human diet is characterized by an abundance of food that is consumed both in excess and in very unbalanced concentrations. This causes excessive acid formation in the body, where it is neutralized by alkaline foods and endogenous minerals. As a result, hyperacidity leads to a deficiency of vital substances and minerals, which results in metabolic disorders and clogging with metabolic waste.

Consequently, the transport of nutrients to the cells and the transport of metabolic waste from the cells are only possible to a very limited extent. Therefore, the functionality of the organs becomes increasingly restricted, and the cells age faster.

Hyperacidity can be a key factor in the development of the following disease patterns:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Hair loss
  • Skin diseases
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Allergies
  • Tooth decay
  • Periodontitis
  • Depression
  • Disorders of the immune system
  • Cancer


  • Intensive (according to individual needs) infusion therapy for detoxification, discharge of heavy metals and deacidification
  • Remediation of poisoning/exposure to heavy metals (toxic load) – decontamination/detoxification
  • Rehabilitation of the internal environment (taking the acid-base balance into account) – deacidification/detoxification.

Immune System Strengthening

A well-functioning immune system safeguards a person’s health and can protect against various diseases. Immune system malfunctions can be mitigated via the increased uptake of various protective substances, which include: vitamins A, E, B6 and C, trace elements selenium, zinc and copper as well as anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating secondary plant substances, such as carotenoids. For better efficacy, most of these immune system strengthening substances are partially administered via infusions and injections.

In addition, amino acids, combined with zinc and selenium, are used as infusions. Improved well-being, faster healing and increased body defences are impressive results of an immune system strengthening therapy.

Orthomolecular Therapy

The human body is dependent upon a balanced, vitamin and mineral-based diet. This ensures that healthy cells are renewed every day and that the immune system remains stable and able to cope well with daily stress. If this is not ensured, deficiencies may occur, which, over a number of years, can lead to serious illnesses.

Existing vitamin, mineral, trace element and secondary metabolite deficiencies can be counteracted via orthomolecular therapy. In orthomolecular therapy, a wide range of vitamins, trace elements and minerals are administered at high dosages, so the ingredients not only constitute a type of food supplement, but they have the effect of medicinal drugs.

Therapy can be administered via infusion and oral intake (of varying composition), depending on the individual needs of the patient.

Biomolecular Therapy

Biomolecular therapy allows targeted regeneration and revitalization of age-related or disease-related damaged cell clusters or organs. It is also a very good way to counteract or prevent such phenomena.

Targeted treatment of diseases or deficiency symptoms of different tissues or organ systems is possible via the use of different preparations. Preventive applications in the form of annual spa treatments to maintain health and performance, strengthen the body’s defence system and, thus, prevent diseases and premature aging are also very useful.

Basic therapy always involves detoxification, including deacidification and activation of liver function, which is the detoxification centre of the body – particularly in cases of conventional medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, dietary change and psychological change (alteration of previous lifestyle, resolution of psychological trauma and blockage).