Dental and maxillofacial treatment

Dentures/dental prostheses

Losing teeth is not only an optical disadvantage. If not treated with dentures/dental prostheses, the natural functionality of your “chewing machine” will not sustain. When talking about dentures, we differentiate between partial and complete prostheses.

Dental crowns and bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are, opposite to removable prostheses, placed upon your remaining teeth using cement and can only be removed by your dentist.

Dental crowns are used if a damaged tooth has to be covered and protected.

Dental bridges can cover gaps created by several missing teeth and substitute those teeth.


If you lose the complete substance of a teeth, a complete prosthesis will be necessary, which structure and optical design depends on individual needs, possibilities and wishes.

The best alternative is an implant. You will not only benefit from the durability and aesthetic treatment with implants, but you will also be spared from inconveniences like pressure sores, shifting and pain while chewing. There are two implant options. Either you decide on an implant that is permanently screwed upon a row of teeth or on a removable prosthesis that is attached to an implanted fixture. The advantage of the first option is a high comfort and an exceptional look.

We will be glad to discuss every detail on conservative or modern implantology with you!

Dental and maxillofacial surgery

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are our rearmost teeth, developing the latest and growing between the age of 18 and 30.

If our jaw provides enough space for our wisdom teeth and if they are also in the right position, they do not have to be removed. Otherwise, and that is almost regular, wisdom teeth removal is necessary as inflammation values significantly increase as well as the risk of getting sick.

In case wisdom teeth are partially or not visible at all, a minimally invasive surgical removal is possible.

Endodontic therapy / root canal treatment

Nobody likes it to lose a tooth. State-of-the-art techniques of endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) enable us to treat your tooth effectively without losing it, which is crucial if it interacts with another tooth.

In order to save the tooth and dental pulp plagued with an inflammation of the nerves, we utilize modern treatment options and fill the root canal after the removal of bacteria.

Root canal treatment is a time-consuming and complex endodontic therapy that requires accuracy, experience and expertise.

Your teeth are worth it, don´t you agree?


Orthodontics for children

Dental prevention starts in childhood. But before we will examine your child´s teeth, jaw and chewing function, we will, of course, discuss your personal wishes and fears, if necessary.

After creating an individual treatment plan together with you and explaining all findings, it can be necessary to examine your child in detail, which may include taking pictures of the teeth as well as X-ray images and developing jaw models. During additional appointments, we will answer all of your questions.

Orthodontics for adults

Orthodontics does not end in childhood. Only few people have perfect teeth naturally. But a malocclusion (improper bite) does not have to be your unchangeable fate. It can be corrected even in adulthood.

Correcting malocclusions does not only lead to a better look but also improves breathing, chewing, pronunciation and even more.

To prevent gum disease, jaw pain and sustain dentures, modern orthodontics can take care of even the most difficult malocclusions.

Thanks to new options like tooth-colored brackets or invisible braces, adults are also able to wear them in their daily life.

Cosmetic dental contouring or bonding

Unsightly teeth may have partially lost their functionality, but they are also aesthetically displeasing. Modern dentistry can help optimize the look of your teeth by correcting crooked or malformed teeth with minimally invasive procedures like modelling dental composites or Invisalign as orthodontic treatment.

Cosmetic treatment of the gum / plastic periodontal surgery

The desire for a beautiful mouth is not fulfilled by correcting the teeth alone. Gum and lips also play a crucial role. Periodontal diseases can counteract even the most beautiful all-ceramic restorations. Frequent culprits are discoloration, degeneration and also discrepancies at the periodontium or the jaw bone. We can offer you a variety of surgical options to improve the look of your gum.