Gynecology and senology

Gynecology, gynecologic oncology and senology — the individual in the first place

Dr. med. Matthias Wolfgarten, M.D., and his colleague Radmilla Razlaf, M.D., provide you with modern and individual patient care including a high, guideline-based medical quality, which puts you in the first place. He focuses on the treatment of breast diseases (senology) working closely together with Dr. med. Bettina Wolfgarten, M.D.. Everything is under one roof: diagnostics (ultrasound, biopsy/sampling of cells/tissue), counseling and even the complex multi-modal therapy of breast cancer (breast carcinoma). The surgical services comprise small gynecologic operations, e.g., removal of the uterus (curettage/scraping), the surgical and reconstructive therapy of the breast carcinoma, microsurgery and endoscopic operations and even open abdominal surgery. Additionally, the conservative gynecologic oncology (chemotherapy) is also supplied.



Naturally, the gynecologic early detection screening is part of Dr. Wolfgarten’s and Radmilla Razlaf’s services. He will be glad to give you advice on contraception, vaccinations (e.g., against viruses causing cervical cancer) and hormone replacement therapy (e.g., menstrual disorders or complaints caused by menopause).


  • individual counseling, diagnostics and therapy
    • malignant breast diseases (breast cancer)
    • benign breast diseases (e.g., fibroadenomas/lumps, cysts)
    • benign gynecologic diseases (e.g., myomas, endometriosis, adhesions, ovarian cysts, removal of the uterus)
    • malignant gynecologic diseases (e.g., cervical cancer, uterine cancer, ovary cancer)
  • breast sonography (DEGUM II certified)
  • ultrasound-assisted punch biopsy (sampling of cells/tissue)
  • high-resolution gynecologic ultrasound examination
  • gynecologic early detection screening
  • minimally invasive gynecologic surgery (e.g., hysteroscopy/endoscopic inspection the uterine cavity, abdominal laparoscopy/keyhole examination of the stomach)
  • surgery in case of unwanted loss of urine (urinary incontinence)