Treatment gynecology and senology

Individual treatment in case of:

  • breast cancer
  • benign breast diseases (e.g., fibroadenoma, cyst)
  • benign gynecological diseases (e.g., myoma, endometriosis, adhesions, ovary cysts, removal of uterus)
  • malignant gynecological diseases (e.g., cervical cancer, uterine cancer, ovary cancer)
  • surgery in case of involuntary urinary incontinence

Main focus: treatment of breast diseases, especially breast cancer


  • breast-conserving surgery
  • mastectomy (partial or complete removal of one or both breasts)
  • sentinel lymph node biopsy
  • axillary dissection

Medication/systemic therapy

  • neoadjuvant chemotherapy
  • adjuvant chemotherapy
  • palliative chemotherapy
  • antibody therapy
    • trastuzumab (monoclonal antibody)
  • hormone blocking therapy
    • tamoxifen
    • anastrozole (Arimidex®)
    • exemestane (Aromasin®)
    • letrozole (Femara®)