Internal medicine and naturopathic medicine

Symbiosis of scientific and integrative medicine

Dr. med. Monika Rose-Oxenfart´s, M.D., profession and passion is to treat your medical condition with means of internal and natural medicine. She combines conservative methods of scientific medicine with natural medicine thanks to her experience as an internist. The state-of-the-art device-assisted diagnostic and therapy options at Beta Klinik are a useful supplement to those methods.


Dr. Rose-Oxenfart specializes in acute and chronic diseases of internal medicine, e.g., diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular diseases, chronic pain syndromes (e.g., migraine, arthritis and fibromyalgia), exhaustion, burnout and somatization disorder (physical symptoms based on psychological factors) as well as sleep disturbances. Irritable colon syndrome and even allergies can be successfuly treated with supplementary methods of natural medicine. It is also possible to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy by means of the complementary oncology, and, thus, to improve your quality of life.

Conservative and diagnostic services

  • consultation on medical history
  • resting, stress and long-term ECG, blood pressure measurement
  • ultrasound examinations
  • general/specific laboratory examinations

Special services and diagnostics

  • traditional Chinese medicine
  • phytotherapy (plant-derived medicine), homeopathy
  • orthomolecular medicine
  • neural therapy and Medi-Tape® (kinesiology taping)
  • microbiological therapy
  • cell symbiosis therapy®
  • special laboratory diagnostics, e.g., irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerance
  • bioresonance therapy and magnet therapy
  • infusion therapy: vitalization, detoxification, regeneration, invigoration
  • complementary tumor therapy
  • palliative medicine