Neurology and epileptology

First Seizure Clinic

In her neurological clinic within the Beta Klinik, Dr. Judith Maria Hoffmann offers a comprehensive range of treatments relating to neurological illnesses focusing on wide, thorough, multi-level, diagnostics, whose basis is an in-depth discussion together with extensive biographic data and illnesses not included in the neurological specialist field. Considerable time is allocated to every patient. A holistic approach to the treatment is important to Dr. Hoffmann as often alongside the neurological examination, a psychiatric finding becomes apparent.

Headache Clinic for Out Patients in Bonn

One of Dr. Hoffmann’s special focus points is headache diagnostics and therapy. Some five million people suffer from headaches in Germany. The reasons are wide and diverse ranging from acute illnesses (brain haemorrhage and tumours), chronic strain, hyper-excitability of neurons in the brain, constriction or enlargement of the blood vessels (for example migraine) right through to an excess in daily life (stress, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and fasting). The two most common forms of tension headaches and migraine account for around ninety percent of all headache illnesses. There is often a display of a combination of different types of headache.
The Beta-Team Neurology offers the most modern diagnostics and therapeutical possibilities. Lasting treatment concepts with any necessary physiotherapeutic or psychotherapeutic support will be developed together with you, the patient.


Doctor Judith Hoffmann was senior physician at the Clinic for Epileptology at the University Clinic in Bonn for many years. She now offers consultation hours at the Beta Klinik for patients with epilepsy but also those with non-epileptic seizures. Maximum control of the epileptic seizures and maintaining a high level of performance together with a good quality of life are a high priority in her treatment.
The close cooperation of the different specialist areas within the Beta Klinik working together as a team make a comprehensive, holistic care support possible for the patient.
In addition, any complex issues can be handled due to a cooperation with specialist outpatient neurological clinics and the Clinic for Epileptology at the University Clinic in Bonn

Range of Treatments

  • Registration and treatment of neurological and psychiatric illnesses and the co-treatment together with other specialists in the Beta Klinik.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of seizures (epilepsy).
  • Diagnosis and treatment of psychogenic seizures and other occurring disturbances when conscious and unconscious
  • Special outpatient department: loss of consciousness, unclear causes, migraines and headaches, epileptics wishing to have children, dizziness, acute infections of the central nervous system (meningitis/encephalitis), dementia, polyneuropathy, psychotherapy – specialist.