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Examination and treatment of eye diseases in a family environment

The team of the Augenklinik Roth (Eye Clinic Roth) offers you a highly professional competence and state-of-the-art ophthalmological diagnostics and treatments in their fourth generation. Therefore, even extraordinary treatments and therapies are possible.




Conservative and diagnostic services

  • measurement of eye pressure and visual acuity
  • digital fluorescein angiography (examination of blood flow in retina and choroid using a contrast agent)
  • spectral OCT: high-resolution diagnostics of the macula
  • HRT: 3D analysis of the optical nerve (e.g., glaucoma)
  • ultrasound, pachymetry (measures corneal thickness)
  • endothelial biomicroscopy (examination of the endothelium/inner corneal wall)
  • Pentacam (tomography of the front part of the eye; measurement of the corneal structure and quality of the lens)
  • electrophysiology (measures the signal of the nervous system), wavefront diagnostics (measures optic aberrations)
  • screening of premature babies
  • vision therapy/pediatric ophthalmology

Surgical services

  • cataract and glaucoma surgery
  • refractive eye surgery (change of the refraction of the eye) and laser treatment in case of defective vision
  • vitrectomy (surgery on the vitreous humor)
  • surgery in case of retinal detachment
  • treatment of macular degeneration
  • surgery on the eyelid in case of malformations or tumors
  • laser treatment of retinal diseases
  • UV-cross-linking in case of keratoconus (corneal degeneration)