Glossary Diagnostics

Physiotherapeutically Testing

We go through certain movement exercises with you to determine your individual status and develop the appropriate therapies.

FMS (Functional Movement Screen)

The Functional Movement Screen is a standardised testing procedure from the United States. We test certain exercises and movements and can determine important motor skills and capabilities to identify your potential areas of injury and ineffective movement patterns. Weaknesses and deficits can be identified early and the appropriate recommendations for training implemented.


Exercises using the Y-Balance-Test based on the “Y” shape, will test the strength, mobility, core stability and neuromuscular control of your body.

Neuromuscular Analysis on the Huber 360

Targeted individual body regions and muscle groups can be trained using the Huber 360. The machine analyses your musculoskeletal system and gives you real time feedback so that your position or body posture can be improved under therapeutic guidance. The training on the Huber 360 is not strength training, but rather more neuromuscular training for the brain and muscles.

Deep Muscle Testing on the MedX

Using the MedX-therapy, we test the condition of your deep muscular system. Using targeted exercises we then strengthen and stabilise your spinal muscles in a focused and sustainable way. We can treat back problems and prevent new pain.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

The SFMA is a therapeutic development and alternative to FMS. Patients carry out various finer movements using this screening method allowing the therapist to analyse and evaluate deep lying patterns and problems.