CIO – Centre for Integrated Oncology

The Centre for Integrated Oncology (CIO Cologne, Bonn) which has won numerous accolades as a leading oncology centre from the German Cancer Care, is a cooperating partner of both the Beta Klinik and other Clinics.
As a consequence of this cooperation both the inpatient and outpatient care of cancer patients is further developed and improved.

Continuous Improvement in the Treatment of Patients with Cancer

The University Clinic Bonn (UKB) and Cologne (UKK) have been cooperating together in the area of Cancer medicine since 2007. This cooperation has now been extended to the Beta Klinik and other clinics with the common goal of continuous improvement in the treatment and ongoing care of cancer patients. This is achieved by:

  • an optimisation of the inter-disciplinary cooperation of clinical and diagnostic disciplines in both outpatient and inpatient treatment.
  • comprehensive psycho-oncology patient support.
  • a close connection of clinical patient care together with clinical research and the option to take part in clinical trials.
  • diagnosis, therapy and after care of malignant tumours based on current guidelines.

Competence through Know-how-Transfer

Within the cooperation network, the doctors regularly meet with so called Tumour Boards. These are interdisciplinary panels of experts who determine diagnosis and therapy concepts for patients based on the latest scientific knowledge. Diagnosis, therapies and after care follow defined CIP guidelines known as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These guidelines are regularly reviewed and further developed thereby ensuring patient treatment based on proven medical knowledge.
The cooperation which includes common further development measures and studies, sets a new milestone in the treatment of cancer patients. Thanks to this cooperation and its motto: “Together against Cancer – Together for Life,” makes the highest standards for both cancer inpatient and outpatient care possible.