Cost of treatment

In general, the following information applies to costs:

The Beta Klinik is a registered private clinic and charges in-patient hospitalisation according to the DRG-System (Diagnosis Related Groups).

The outpatient and medical services provided by our doctors at the Beta Klinik are charged according to the general applicable guidelines of the GOÄ (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte / scale of fees for physicians).

At the time of invoicing, all special medical, in-patient and personal factors will be taken into consideration by a private clinic which does not receive the support of any public subsidies.

If desired, we will gladly provide an upfront estimate of costs to patients who are entitled to aid. This will help in maintaining transparency of the subsequent invoicing with the aid authorities and a timely reimbursement of costs.

Cost of Check-ups at Beta Prevent

Please bear in mind that health insurers for Preventive-Check-ups (purely preventive medical examinations) will only reimburse the costs of necessary medical examinations.



Costs for international patients

Please get in contact with us so we can provide you with an estimate of costs, the information and payment methods of your planned treatment. Depending on your personal situation, the costs at The Beta Klinik may be settled by your international insurer, embassy or privately.