Internal medicine

The specialist field of internal medicine is well represented at The Beta Klinik by several specialist medical practices. Specialists from various fields with their individual specialisations provide a broad base at The Beta Klinik enabling the interdisciplinary treatment of many different diseases to take place all under one roof.

Our specialists examine and treat internal complaints in the areas of cardiology, gastroenterology, naturopathy and emergency medicine.

Gastroenterology and cardiology

Dr. med. Christian Fehring
Dr. med. Peter May
Dr. med. Torsten Stallmann

In their practice for internal medicine, Dr. Christian Fehring, Dr. Peter May and Dr. Torsten Stallmann examine and treat all complaints of the internal organs, the cardiovascular system and the respiratory organs.

Cardiology and interventional cardiology

Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Otto Schwab

With Prof. Dr. Jörg Otto Schwab, your heart is in good hands. The experienced cardiologist is specialised amongst other things, in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia. The catheter-based treatment and the comprehensive after-care are part of his area of expertise.

Internal medicine and naturopathic medicine

Dr. med. Monika Rose-Oxenfart

Dr. Monika Rose-Oxenfarts area of expertise combines conservative and naturopathic treatment procedures. She is also specialised in chronic diseases and the treatment of high blood pressure amongst other things

Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology

Dr. med. Peter Lüsebrink

Dr. med. Peter Lüsebrink, specialised in gastroenterology, diagnoses and treats diseases of the internal organs in his practice for internal medicine.