General surgery and colorectal surgery / proctology

Abdominal disorders

Stefan Mühlbauer is available to assist you with regard to general and visceral surgery (surgery of the abdominal organs, abdominal wall and thyroid gland) as well as coloproctology (diagnosis and treatment of colon and rectal diseases, conservative and operative pelvic floor treatment for faecal incontinence and acquired constipation).

Gentle and minimally invasive procedures, such as laparoscopy, are used by this experienced surgeon during surgical interventions, even for diseases of the small or large intestine. If possible, the cosmetically preferable single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) technique is used. This operation is performed through a single-entry point in the navel. Very gentle procedures are also used in the treatment of rectal diseases, such as hemorrhoidal disease.

Chirurgie und Proktologie

Diagnostic and conservative range of services

  • endoscopy
  • proctologic diagnostics
  • non-surgical haemorrhoid treatment
  • diagnostics and treatment of chronic constipation and incontinence
  • second opinion / counselling prior to abdominal surgery

Surgical range of services

  • hernia surgery (inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, abdominal wall hernia and incisional hernia)
  • gallbladder and appendix removal (for example, using the SILS technique)
  • thyroid gland surgery
  • surgical treatment of haemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal abscesses and fistulae, minimally invasive and plastic treatment of coccyx fistulae (pit picking / Bascom technique)
  • operations for inflammatory and tumorous diseases of the small and large intestines (for example, sigmoid diverticulitis), rectoceles, internal and external rectal prolapses
  • sacral nerve stimulation
  • port implantation (for example, for chemotherapy)

Don’t fear the proctologist!

The very idea of submitting oneself to a rectal examination is enough to make one feel uncomfortable. Problems in the pelvic area and rectum are common. An in-depth talk with a proctologist helps clarify symptoms, relieve fear and prevent serious illnesses from developing. Stefan Mühlbauer takes the time to talk and advise you thoroughly so that you have nothing to worry about before any examinations. Read about a typical appointment with him here.