Check list for in-patients

Check list for in-patient treatment

Please bring the following things with you for your in-patient stay:

  • Passport or ID card
  • all relevant medical documents such as doctors’ letters, any previous medical reports, X-rays, CTs, MR images, etc.
  • any medicine you take regularly
  • your medication plan (if you have one)
  • your allergy passport/pace maker card or Marcumar card (if you have one)

Please keep in mind that it is necessary to stop taking any blood thinning medicine (ASS, Marcumar) and replace it five to seven days with other suitable medicine before your in-patient stay and surgery. Taking certain blood sugar pills also has to be stopped 2 days before surgery/hospitalisation. Please talk to your physician or to us about your medicine/medication plan.

If you have any special requests during your inpatient stay, please let us know.


Upon being discharged from the Beta Klinik:

  • You will have a final consultation with a physician
  • be given your medical reports
  • receive follow-up recommendations and appointments for follow-up treatment
  • receive the final bill and settle any remaining difference in case of advance payment