Dental medicine—Beta Dental

Beta Dental Individual Dentistry

A healthy and beautiful smile is very important for one’s personal well-being. The specialists at Beta Dental offer you excellent dentistry care with coordinated treatment methods and recommended care, tailor-made according to your needs.

Dr. med. dent. Dr. scient. Med. Manuel Marcello Moroni, Dentist Maximilian Braun and their team offer comprehensive dental care and support to patients suffering from problems with their teeth and jaws including tooth or jaw misalignments.
Prophylaxis is both important and sensible to ensure long lasting dental health. Patients at Beta Dental receive a thorough medical check-up in which the teeth, any periodontal apparatus and the oral mucosa and mandibular joint are examined. Using reduced radiation digital radiography as well as clinical examination we determine your personal risk of caries and periodontitis. We then talk you through your personal treatment concept and individual prophylaxis plan.

Regular check-ups and dental advice free of obligation regarding implants and orthodontic consultation also form part of the Beta Dental range of services such as oral surgery or orthodontic treatment of individual symptom-complex.

Our range of services in general dentistry comprises:

  • Prophylaxis examination for adults, children and young people
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontology
  • Orthodontics
  • Aesthetic dentistry

Oral surgery and implantology

The mouth and face is a sensitive area for everyone. The Beta Dental team place great importance on using the newest and minimally invasive methods as well as the highest safety and hygiene standards when carrying out the diagnostics and treatment.

Fully digital X-ray machines are used in the diagnostics. For more complex planning, a 3-D X-ray of the jaw area is made. Implants and dentures can be planned exactly. Implants can then be precisely placed in the jaw. The advantage for patients is that it involves minimally invasive surgery and that implants can be placed even more exactly.

Surgical procedures are carried out, where possible, using Piezo surgery. Piezo surgery is a scalpel free technique greatly reducing the risk of injury or harm to the surrounding soft tissue. The use of Piezo surgery ensures a much quicker healing of the wound after the operation.

Our operative / surgical range of services comprise:

  • 3D-Exray (DVT) and digital implant planning
  • Fully navigational implant surgery
  • Ceramic implants
  • Piezo surgery
  • Wisdom teeth removal surgery
  • Mini orthodontic implants
  • Root tip resection (apicoectomy) and cystectomy
  • Periodontal surgery and mucogingival surgery

As a highly modern dental clinic, Beta Dental offers intensive care and support in the following special dental disciplines:

  • Laser dentistry
  • Function diagnostics / Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD)
  • Sports dentistry
  • Dental sleep medicine

Our area of expertise and competence in the sports dentistry area lies in sustainably reducing the performance diminishing infections of the mouth area and the risk of injury to the facial area, teeth and joy as well as optimising breathing. As a result, a quicker and better regeneration is made possible, as is performance and through a dental functional analysis, individual measurements and a special performance splints are optimised. This is also made possible through the interdisciplinary practice of working together with the orthopaedists, sports doctors and physiotherapists at The Beta Klinik.

An additional area of discipline of the Beta Dental dentistry is dental sleep medicine. Working closely with their colleagues at Beta Sleep, the cause and connection of teeth grinding, cervical defects, abnormalities in the tongue and throat areas as well as loss of drive and fatigue are examined.
Causes can often be determined in the sleep lab and then treated by cooperation between the somnologists, ENT specialists, internists, cardiologists or nutritionists at The Beta Klinik.