Dental medicine—Beta Dental

Functional and aesthetic at the same time—teeth made by Beta Dental

The Beta Dental team provides comprehensive care for patients with dental or jaw problems and / or tooth and jaw deficiencies as well as disorders of the mouth, jaw and facial area. Preventive examination and non-committal counselling are as much a part of their offer as complex tooth and jaw treatment.

As dentists of Beta Klinik, we cover the whole range of services of dental medicine. We have been standing for competence and trust at the highest level for over 20 years. One of our specialties is dental implants—the best alternative to removable dentures—whose functionality resembles your own teeth. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants has proven to be the best medical solution.

Even back, neck, shoulder or hip complaints can be caused by functional disorders of your jaw and teeth. The close cooperation of the specialists of Beta Klinik provide optimal diagnostic options to find and successfuly treat the root of evil.

Our dental laboratory guarantees high-class dentures and implants in a minimum of time. You will receive individual counseling and comprehensive care, meeting your needs. It is our goal to support and preserve your dental health. We are looking forward to your appointment.

Dental master laboratory

The technology behind your smile

Thanks to a long-lasting and successful cooperation between us dentists and our dental technicians, everyone can rely on individual and impeccable dentures and implants.

Our dental master laboratory guarantees high-quality materials, crafting, shapes, aesthetics and techniques starting from crowns, bridges and inlays up to implants.

We have trust in our dental master laboratory because its employees are highly trained and specialized, permanently trying to upgrade their expertise and refine their craftsmanship every day. This way, we can offer you state-of-the-art treatment options made in Germany.

Anxiety patients

Appointments with your dentist are everything but easy for you? Are you afraid of receiving dental care?

You are not alone with your dental fear, particularly when it comes to dental surgery. We offer you a special service because the team of the dental department Beta Dental has experience of decades in gentle and painless dental care and is specialized in caring for patients with dental fear.

Not only do we gladly devote our time to help you to fulfil your wishes and reduce your fear, but we do also offer you dental care under general anesthesia, also for anxious children or mentally handicapped people.

We will find the optimal dental care together with you during our comprehensive dental consultations.

Dental care under general anesthesia

If you opt for this stress-free treatment, you can undergo your dental treatment either under general anesthesia or twilight sleep.

During twilight sleep, we work closely together with an experienced anesthesiologist who administers sleep-inducing drugs and anesthetics and monitors you the whole time.

Dental care under general anesthesia or twilight sleep is not only a stress-free procedure but also very safe and comfortable.

When undergoing dental care under general anesthesia, an experienced team of anesthesiologists monitors all vital functions and, thus, ensures safety. After the procedure, you can relax at a recovery room until you are able to leave the private clinic with your new smile.

We will of course discuss all pros and cons prior to dental care. Please inform us about your worries and fears so that we can schedule appointments that suit your needs.

With us you can accomplish your goals while sleeping!