About the clinic

The Idea

The Beta Klinik and all who work there have stood for the following principle since 2008; Your health – our competence. For nearly ten years, our doctors have developed and implemented the vision of The Beta Klinik, “Time for our patients and the highest standards of treatment through specialisation.” Today the Beta Klinik is an internationally renowned private clinic with approximately 30 areas of expertise and around 60 doctors who under the supervision of Dr. med. Axel Jung and Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Gasser, work to fulfil their vision of the highest standards of diagnostics and treatment.


People as the focal point

Nearly sixty doctors and more than one hundred eighty medical assistants dedicate themselves daily to the health and well-being of our patients: The focal point of our work is always the person, the patient. We offer excellent medical quality and empathetic personalised care in an aesthetic and comfortable environment. Your well-being is of utmost importance to us.

Responding to a Holistic Demand

The experts in the Beta Klinik respond to the demand for holistic medicine, we have the whole person with their various ailments in consideration. All the teams work together in an inter-disciplinary manner. Examinations, treatments, operations and physiotherapy and rehabilitation measures are carried out in close consultation with the relevant specialists and therapists. For you as our patient, this means the best medical treatment possible and an efficient use of diagnostic measures. Your visit to the Beta Klinik and the time needed can be reduced to a minimum as a result.

University Hospital Standards

The Beta Klinik adheres to a complex quality management system and uses the most modern hospital university level medical technology. The operating rooms, the intensive care ward and the rehabilitation centres fulfil the highest medical standards and are staffed by highly qualified doctors, therapists and employees continuously engaged in further study.

A virtual tour of the Beta Klinik

  • eingang_neu_en

    Welcome to Beta Klinik in Bonn, Germany–your international private clinic.

  • We are looking forward to meeting you and giving you are warm welcome.

  • wartezimmer_2EN

    At our lavish waiting rooms, you can feel at ease while waiting for your appointment.

  • radiologie05EN

    Our doctors are glad to devote their time to our small patients …

  • sportmedizin_2EN

    … and adult patients ..

  • gastroenterologie_kardiologie2EN

    and examine you thoroughly and carefully …

  • Beta-Klinik-MRT-neu-EN

    … e.g., with our open high-field MRI scanner (Source: Siemens-Pressebild) …

  • … or within the scope of our preventive check-ups.

  • We will comprehensively discuss the results of your examinations with you.

  • Betaklinik

    In case of more complex questions, our interdisciplinary team meets and consults on your individual needs …

  • radiologie03EN

    … in order to decide on the best treatment possible for you.

  • onkologie1EN

    We will take care of you, no matter if you undergo, e.g., drug therapy …

  • Beta-Klinik-Physio-EN

    … physiotherapy …

  • … device-assisted physiotherapy …

  • neurochirurgie_kopf_gehirn_2EN

    … or surgery.

  • Beta Klinik

    If you are hospitalized at our ward, you can choose between …

  • … modern and comfortable single rooms …

  • Beta-Klinik-Zimmer-EN

    … with private bathroom.

  • suite_5EN

    At request, we can also offer you our luxurious suites.

  • suite_3EN

    Measuring 55 m² (592 ft²) and 58 m² (624 ft²), our suites impress with their accomplished combination of extraordinary architecture …

  • suite_2EN

    … exclusive design and medical functionality.

  • suite_1EN

    No matter if you choose a room or a suite–you can focus on your recovery and leave the rest to us.

  • aussenaufnahmen2En

    If the weather is fine, our inner courtyard can be nice for a change.

  • empfangEN

    We say goodbye to you and hope that you will get well soon.

We want your stay to be as comfortable as possible. The closely supervised personalised care takes place in aesthetic and harmonious surroundings. The picture gallery gives you an exemplary virtual visit to our clinic.

Environment and Surroundings

  • Rheinwerk 2EN

    The glass buildings of the Rheinwerk containing Beta Klinik

  • Karl-Heinz Schommer (Architekt):GWI AG / RohmŸhle / Rheinwerk, BonnEN

    The restaurant 'Rohmuehle' at the shores of the rive Rhine

  • Beta-Klinik-Rheinblick-en

  • Beta-Klinik-Innenhof-2-en

  • Beta-Klinik-Innenhof-en

  • Beta-Klinik-Innenhof-3-en

  • wasserturmEN

    The old water tower of the former conrete factory

  • 5_rheinpromenadeEN

    The promenade of the Rhine invites to extensive walks and to recreation...

  • rheinblickEN

    ...and offers a beautiful view.

  • kameha_grandEN

    The Kameha Grand Hotel next to Beta Klinik

The Bonner Bogen lies on the sunny side of the Rhein with a view of the Post Tower and the “Langen Eugen”, the former governmental buildings. The location is particularly attractive not only because of the wonderful promenade running along the Rhein but also due to the wide variety of gastronomic offers and being only minutes away from a diverse cultural programme along the Bonner museum mile.