Directions and parking

Beta Klinik

Arriving by air

The Beta Klinik is within easy reach of the international airports Köln/Bonn and Frankfurt am Main. The onward journey to the Beta Klinik is easy:

From Köln/Bonn airport (approx. 18kms):

The airport Köln/Bonn is served by the Regional Express with a direct train service. The nearest station to the Beta Klinik is Bonn-Oberkassel.

From Frankfurt am Main airport (approx. 160kms):

The easiest way from this airport is to rent a car and drive to the Beta Klinik.

Travelling by train

If you are travelling by train, the best way is with the ICE to ICE-Siegburg train station (approx. 9kms from the Beta Klinik) and from there by train to Bonn-Hauptbahnhof (main train station approx. 4kms from the Beta Klinik).

Travelling by car

The Beta Klinik is located at Joseph-Schumpeter-Allee 15 in 53227 Bonn.

In the map below you can find your way and plan your route easily. Simply type your address in the field “Coming from” and then click on “Get Directions”.

Travelling by bus and light rail

The bus line 607 goes between the Bonn Hauptbahnhof (main train station) to the bus stop Bonner Bogen.

Change platforms and cross over onto the other side of the road (if you are coming from main train station). If you are able to climb the stairs, then take those which are to the left of the pavement. Keep to the right until you come to a road. This is the Joseph-Schumpeter-Allee. Turn to the left and follow the road until you come to the Beta Klinik.

If you are unable to climb stairs then simply follow the road in the direction of travel (if coming from the direction of the main train station), until you reach a roundabout. At the roundabout take the third exit left into the Joseph-Schumpeter-Allee.

Just as easy, is taking the Bus line 606 to the Konrad-Zuse-Platz. Walk approximately 50 metres towards the Hotel Kameha Grand. The Beta Klinik is right next to the hotel.

You may also take public transport to the Ramsersdorf stop (Transport Association Rhein-Sieg Bus lines 606,607,635,636 and train lines 62,66). When you leave the Ramersdorf train station you will see a roundabout to the right of the station. Keep to the right and take the first exit on the roundabout into Landgrabenweg and cross over onto the left side of the road. If you can climb stairs, then please follow the directions as written above. Otherwise just walk up to the roundabout and turn left into the Joseph-Schumpeter-Allee.

More detailed information can be found on the websites of Verkehrsverbunds Rhein-Sieg or Bahn.


There are various parking possibilities in and around the Beta Klinik.
Parking along the sides of the road is subject to charge. There is also an underground car park just under the Beta Klinik. If you use this car park you will receive a discounted price on your parking from us.

The entrance to the underground car park is just to the right of the Beta Klinik. After taking the ticket at the entrance to the car park, the barrier will raise and you will go down the ramp and over the first speed bump in the garage where you will turn left and see a second barrier leading to the VIP parking area. Simply place your ticket into the machine and the barrier will raise.

The discount on the cost of your parking applies only to the VIP car park area. After your visit to the Beta Klinik, present your parking ticket to our Reception staff where it will be validated and the discount applied.

The entrance to the Beta Klinik is reached directly from the VIP car park. Please take the clearly marked entrance “A” to reach the Reception area of the Beta Klinik.

Cost of Parking in the underground car park Bonner Bogen underneath the Beta Klinik.

Parking fees:

every hour and additional hour: 2,50€
daily maximum: 25€
lost ticket: 30€

The following discount applies to patients of the Beta Klinik:

1st hour or every 20 minutes thereof: 0,60€
2nd and 3rd hour: 1,80€ each
up to four hours, a maximum of: 5€
from five hours upwards, every hour: 1,80€
daily maximum: 12,50€
lost ticket: 18€

The parking garages are managed by CPS. The Beta Klinik has no influence on the prices and conditions.