Our doctors

Dentist Wagma Arif

Aesthetic reconstructive dentistry and orthodontics – implantology

Rafael Armbruster, M.D.

Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Michael Bochnick, M.D.

Anesthetics – pain therapy

Peter Braun, M.D.

Specialist for orthopedics – pediatric orthopedics

Dentist Maximilian Braun

Aesthetic reconstructive dentistry and orthodontics – implantology – sleep medicine – sports dentistry

Dr. med. Alice Chon-Völker, M.D.

Anesthesia – acupuncture – pain therapy

Katharina Diamantis

Sleep medicine and diagnostics

Dr. med. Andre W. Demant, M.D.

Radiology and pediatric radiology

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Gasser, M.D.

CEO – neurosurgery – functional neurosurgery

Dr. med. Barbara Hawellek, M.D.

Psychiatry and psychotherapy

Dr. med. Jörg Heppelmann, M.D.

ENT, Plastic and Aesthetic Operations

Philip Ibe, M.D.

Orthopädie und Sportmedizin

Dr. med. Claudia Inhetvin-Hutter, M.D.

Ophthalmology and eye surgery – corneal and vitreous humor surgery – laser surgery

Dr. med. Monika Jeub

Neurology and clinicalneurophysiology

Dr. med. Axel Jung, M.D.

Managing Director – Neurosurgery – special intensive care in neurosurgery

Dr. med. Markus Klingenberg, M.D.

Orthopedics – arthroscopic foot and shoulder surgery – sports medicine – manual medicine

Jörg Matthias Korn

Vascular surgery and vascular interventions

Dr. med. Peter Lüsebrink

Internal medicine and gastroneterology

Dr. med. Christoph Manka, M.D.

Radiology – Neuroradiology

Dr. scient. med. Dr. med. dent. Manuel M. Moroni MSc. mult.

Aesthetic reconstructive dentistry, – sports dentistry – sleep medicine – implantology (MSc.) – periodontology (MSc.) – Orthodontics (MSc.)

Nadine Mühlbauer, M.D.

Visceral surgery, bariatric surgery and nutritional medicine

Stefan Mühlbauer

Surgery and Proctology

Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Reinhold, M.D.

Dermatology and allergology

Radmilla Razlaf

Gynecology and obstetrics

Dentist Carolin Puppe

Aesthetic reconstructive dentistry and orthodontics – implantology

Dr. med. Monika Rose-Oxenfart, M.D.

Internal medicine and natural medicine

Dr. med. Felix Roth, M.D.

Ophthalmology and eye surgery – refractive surgery – macular degeneration

Dr. med. Daniel Sattler, M.D.

Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Otto Schwab, M.D.

Internal medicine and cardiology, special rhythmology and interventional cardiology

Dr. med. Hans-Philipp Springorum

Orthopedics, Joint and Foot Surgery

Dr. med. Torsten Stallmann

Internal medicine – Specialist in General Medicine

Dr. med. Thomas Weimann

Radiology – Neuroradiology

Dr. med. Bettina Wolfgarten, M.D.

Radiology – specializing, among other fields, in imaging of the female breast

Dr. med. Matthias Wolfgarten, M.D.

Gynecology and obstetrics – special gynecologic oncology – senology