Sports medicine

Improve your performance and avoid injuries

Our interdisciplinary concept allows us to offer both amateurs and professionals excellent sports medicine care. With our careful examinations and individually tailored recommendations, we can help you to improve your performance and avoid injuries. This is achieved by carefully examining your cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system in conjunction with meaningful performance diagnostics.

At the beginning of every sports medical examination, we determine your sporting goals together with you, clarify existing complaints during your sporting activity and then develop an individual examination and support concept for you. For example, we look at how efficiently your cardiovascular system, your breathing and your metabolism work under stress and analyse your movement patterns. Finally, we discuss the results with you and provide you with practical recommendations for training and competition that will help you achieve your goals.

Sports medicine service spectrum

  • Conservative and operative sports orthopaedic treatment
  • Neurological examination
  • Internal examination
  • if necessary, organisation of further specialist examinations in case of complaints
  • Magnetic field therapy
  • Performance diagnostics, for example lactometry and spiroergometry (breathing gasanalysis) under stress
  • Lung function test
  • Blood test
  • Body composition analysis
  • sports medical advice and coaching
  • via Beta Prevent: Sport Check
  • via Beta Sport und Reha: physiotherapy, equipment-supported strength and endurance training as well as personal training
  • Lactate performance diagnostics
  • Movement analyses (Functional Movement Screen, Y-Balance Test, etc.)
  • Radiological diagnostics (ultrasound, X-ray, CT, MRT)
  • Body composition analysis
  • Diving fitness examination
  • Nutritional counselling (also especially for athletes)

Dr. med. Markus Klingenberg


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Specialists for top athletes

The joint practice at the Beta Klinik is an official cooperation partner of the Olympiastützpunkt Rheinland e.V. Within the framework of this cooperation, the medical professionals for sports medicine are on a seven-day on-call duty, which includes all-round care for the national squad athletes if required. The national and international anti-doping regulations apply to the prevention and treatment of the athletes.

Neuro-centred training with the Skill Court

As the first practice in Germany, the Beta Klinik uses neuro-athletics for the screening and training of our sports medicine, orthopaedic and neurological patients with the SkillCourt. In addition to strength and mobility, the SkillCourt also trains the brain in a playful way. The playful elements make the training fun and the athlete or patient is rewarded with new connections between the brain cells.

Spinal column measurement for back pain

Back pain has been the number one widespread disease for years and now decades. All too often, those affected ask themselves the question: back pain, what to do? With our diagnostic and treatment approach at the Beta Klinik, we get to the root of the problem.

InBody analyses

Our InBody body analysis (body composition analysis) gives you very detailed information about your body composition and fitness level. We calculate how high the proportion of fat tissue, muscle and water is.

Your advantage at Beta Clinic – private specialist and clinical centre in Bonn

  • All-round medical care under one roof
  • High professional competence with 30 physicians from 20 specialities
  • Modern diagnostic procedures directly on site
  • Out-patient and in-patient surgery options
  • Own physiotherapy and rehabilitiation centre
  • Appointments at short notice

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