Beta Humanitarian Help

This humanitarian project created by Dr. Daniel Sattler, Head of Plastic Surgery in the Beta Klinik aims to travel to developing countries with both a doctor and care team to care for people in need of urgent medical attention.
As many ill people as possible will be treated and operated on in local hospitals and local doctors will be trained in special operational techniques enabling them to later carry out these surgical procedures in their own local hospitals.
The most common surgical procedures are the treatments of tumours, adhesions and burns allowing the patients to lead as near normal lives as possible.
The first medical mission was led by Dr. Sattler and his care team to the Andes in Peru in 2013, treating 120 patients and operating on 60 during the two week trip.
The most recent trip to date by the members of the Beta Humanitarian Help was to Sushma Koriala Memorial Hospital in Nepal. For two weeks and operating in parallel in two operating theatres, they were able to help numerous patients, many of them suffering from wounds and injuries caused by the effects of the earthquake in the spring of 2015.

Beta Humanitarian Help e.V is a charitable association, financed by donations.

For more information on Beta Humanitarian Help, please visit the Association’s website at: or at: and also on YouTube.