Procedure anesthesia

Before surgery / anesthesia

An anesthesiological consultation is mandatory before any surgery takes place. This consultation is held by an anesthesiologist a couple of days prior to surgery. It is only possible at the same day of surgery in exceptional and emergency cases. Please make an appointment with our team for the anesthesiological consultation. You will then receive an anesthesiological questionnaire, which you can also fill out at home if you want. We can talk about all the questions at the day of the consultation. The anesthesiological consultation normally takes place at the first floor at the department of anesthesia and pain therapy. We can also talk about preliminary examinations (ECG, X-raying, etc.) and carry them out at Beta Klinik.

Surgery day / anesthesia

Please keep in mind to have an empty stomach and not to smoke for at least 5 hours before regional anesthesia or general anesthesia if we have not explicitly discussed another way of proceeding. Wearing make-up or nail polish should be avoided. Please do also remember to take your steady medication as usually, and if necessary with a small drink of water. This does not hold for drugs that decrease the platelet aggregation, so-called antiplatelet drugs, like Aspirin or ASS. These should be discontinued about 6 days before surgery/anesthesia as agreed with a physician. In case of doubt, the intake of drugs should be discussed in detail during the preliminary talk with the anesthesiologist. This holds especially for diabetics.