Interdisciplinary Psychosomatics & Psychiatry

Everyone has probably at least once, experienced some kind of life crisis, the feeling of being overwhelmed whether privately or professionally. Such things as unexplainable anxiety and pain, night sweats and sleeping disorders – problems which once seemed easily solvable become insurmountable challenges. Symptoms and causes of psychosomatic disorders and illnesses are manifold. They require an in-depth and thorough clarification and diagnosis in order to develop a highly effective therapy and treatment.

Holistic Approach

The experts at the BetaGenese Klinik have developed an integrative treatment approach where the focus is on the special cooperation of both body and psychological functions: The healing of psychosomatic disorders follows a process where the body and psyche enter into a “dialogue”.
The holistic and therapeutic concept of BetaGenese is not dogmatic; the very solution-oriented treatment strategy is developed in close cooperation with the patient.

The patient’s personal strengths and resources point and guide the way, not the illness. The patient is the expert for the content and the clinic team for the process.

In this way we orient ourselves in a solutions oriented process rather than responding to zeitgeist ideas.

Individual Treatment Concepts

The possibility of withdrawing from a conflict filled environment to an in-patient stay with intensive medical treatment is often necessary. Many patients find the experience both comfortable and pleasant. The BetaGenese Klinik offers individual possibilities. Alongside the in-patient stay are also out-patient treatment possibilities as well as short term intensive therapies.

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