Internal medicine, gastroenterology and cardiology

Diagnostics and therapy of diseases the internal organs and the cardiovascular system

Dr. med. Christian Fehring and Dr. med. Torsten Stallmann, M.D. specialize in the diagnostics and therapy of diseases of the internal organs and the cardiovascular system, blood vessels and respiratory organs. They employ non-invasive examination procedures for you like ultrasound, ECG (electrocardiography), pulmonary (lung) function test, blood pressure measurement and minimally invasive procedures like gastroscopy (endoscopic examination of the stomach) or colonoscopy (endoscopic examination of the bowel). Apart from drug therapy, they are also able to remove colorectal polyps during a colonoscopy or treat diseases with chiropractic (manual medicine) or procedures of natural medicine.


  • cardiological diagnostics
    • color Doppler echocardiogram (cardiac sonography)
    • resting ECG, stress ECG, long-term ECG
    • long-term blood pressure measurement
    • pulmonary (lung) function test
    • fitness testing
  • ultrasound examinations
    • abdominal and thyroid ultrasound
    • vascular ultrasound (brain-supplying blood vessels and limbs)
  • gastroenterological diagnostics
    • gastroscopy
    • colonoscopy with polyp removal
  • travel medicine counseling
  • diving suitability examination
  • supplementary therapy options
    • chiropractic (manual medicine)
    • diabetes medication
    • diabetes and asthma training
    • drug therapy and infusions
    • natural medicine treatment