Modern tumor diagnostics and therapy

At the oncology department, you will receive an state-of-the-art oncological care that complies with most modern scientific research and that also implements new therapy methods. Our goal is to enable you to live as independent as possible, even when facing difficult situations regarding your disease and your therapy. We will devote all time necessary to comprehensively answer your questions on your tumor disease. This also applies, of course, if a tumor is presumptive, but you have to undergo further diagnostics. Owing to a careful therapy, we can significantly reduce side-effects and complications.

Oncological services

  • examination of complaints and findings indicating a malignant blood or tumor disease
  • diagnostics of and therapy for benign diseases of the blood or immune system
  • planning and realization of complex interdisciplinary diagnostics to determine the spreading of a known tumor disease
  • organization of interdisciplinary, holistic concepts to treat a tumor disease (at Beta Klinik and, in case of special requirements, in cooperation with external partners with the necessary specializations in treating the corresponding tumor disease)
  • realization and management of the drug therapy of tumor diseases (chemotherapy, targeted innovative system therapies, e.g., antibody therapy, kinase inhibitors, immune therapy)
  • supportive therapies (infection treatment, growth factor therapy etc.)
  • individual tumor therapy adapted to accompanying diseases
  • transfusion of blood products
  • bone-marrow puncture and cytological (cell) evaluation of the bone marrow
  • punctures and cytological (cell) evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid and body cavity effusions
  • pain therapy
  • palliative care including domiciliary visits
  • counseling on social, occupational, psychological and rehabilitative questions