Treatment areas Orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery, joint replacement and sports traumatology

Operative treatment areas


In cases of severe joint wear (arthrosis), despite the most modern conservative and minimally invasive therapy procedures, joint replacement or axis correction is often necessary. Your experienced surgeon will advise you on the various treatment options, with regard to your personal needs. All modern procedures, with custom-made, partial / full prosthesis, are offered.




Hip, knee and shoulder implants. The radiological examinations (CT / MRI) necessary for custom-made prostheses are carried out at our clinic. Complex joint replacement operations are also conducted by our orthopaedic team. Peter Braun and Dr. Springorum both have many years of experience as endoprosthetic department heads.

  • knee (partial / total endoprosthesis, individual prosthesis)
  • hip
  • shoulder
  • endoprosthetic replacement surgery
  • surgery around the knee joint in cases of malposition or arthrosis


Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which our seasoned experts introduce a probe (arthroscope) into the articular cavity. Compared to open joint surgery, arthroscopy usually results in less pain. In addition, healing usually proceeds much faster and the joint regains mobility and resilience much earlier. Whether arthroscopy or open surgery is suitable / necessary can be clarified during extensive preliminary discussions with our orthopaedists. Dr. Klingenberg is a specialized arthroscopist and is a member of the Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (Gesellschaft für Arthroskopie und Gelenkchirurgie).


  • impingement syndrome
  • reconstruction of the rotator cuff
  • instability of the shoulder / shoulder joint
  • disorders of the biceps tendon
  • treatment of arthrosis of the shoulder / shoulder joint
  • treatment of fractures


  • disorders of the distal biceps tendon
  • epicondylitis (tennis / golfer’s elbow)
  • arthrosis treatment
  • treatment of fractures


  • meniscus surgery (resection / suture)
  • cartilage therapy
  • cruciate ligament surgery (preservation and replacement of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments)
  • instability of the kneecap (MPFL reconstruction)
  • treatment of fractures


  • treatment of joint stiffness (impingement syndrome)
  • cartilage therapy
  • reconstruction of the outer / inner ligaments
  • syndesmosis stabilization
  • treatment of fractures

Foot surgery

Dr. Klingenberg and Dr. Springorum are two experienced foot surgeons who are available to deal with all foot-related complaints. In addition to surgical procedures, they handle all aftercare and draw up rehabilitation training plans.

  • hallux valgus and hallux rigidus
  • claw toes and hammer toes
  • Achilles tendon pain / rupture
  • removal of exostoses (Haglund’s deformity, os trigonum syndrome)
  • hind foot corrections (heel, ankle bone)
  • treatment of fractures