How is plastic and aesthetic surgery performed?

Before surgery

During our first appointment, we discuss your individual solution in detail with you because every human being needs an individual treatment. One week before surgery, we give you detailed information about the procedure and carry out examinations. It is possible to undergo outpatient treatments. Medium and large operations require a hospitalization to ensure optimal safety. Our anesthetist discusses your wishes with you and together you decide on a type of anesthesia.

At the day of surgery

You are hospitalized at the day of surgery, prepared for the procedure, and you undergo the surgery. Small procedures are carried out using local anesthetics, and you can leave our clinic after it accompanied by your relatives/friends. Follow-up examinations are carried out during our regular outpatient consultation hours. Medium and large types of surgery may necessitate another kind of anesthesia and a hospitalization for a couple of days.

The duration of the procedure is very individual and is estimated before surgery. Every step of surgery is discussed in detail prior to surgery. In order to grant high precision, the surgeon wears loupe glasses during plastic and aesthetic treatments and uses specific precision instruments produced in accordance with the corresponding procedures.

Aftercare plastic and aesthetic surgery

The surgeon who performs the aesthetic or plastic treatment also carries out aftercare because he/she knows best about your individual situation. Please abide by our recommendations and instructions to ensure the best results possible. If the patient is satisfied, the surgeon is, too!

Findings of examination and different stages are documented by photographs before and after the treatment. Some surgery results may require time to reach the desired shape, function and aesthetics—please be patient.

How long am I unable to work?

How long you are unable to work or carry out certain movements or activities depends on the very plastic or aesthetic treatment and your condition. Please abide by our recommendations and instructions in order to get best results possible.

When can I resume sports activities?

It depends on the very plastic or aesthetic treatment and your condition when you can resume a particular sports activity. Please abide by our recommendations and instructions to ensure best results possible.

Safety and rate of success

We discuss the safety of a plastic or aesthetic treatment in detail before it is performed. The rate of success depends on surgeon´s skills but also the characteristics and anatomical features of your body. Photographs of our patients who approved their release before and after aesthetic and plastic treatments make it possible for you to judge our quality.