Prevention, diagnostics and therapy Sports medicine

Sports medicine deals with aspects of prevention and therapy of many medical disciplines.

The disciplines orthopedics/accident surgery, internal medicine and general medicine are the foundation of sports medicine. Particular sports activities or questions also challenge the knowledge about, e.g., ears, nose and throat, clinical nutrition, dermatology, ophthalmology or genetics.

At Beta Klinik, professional and non-professional athletes have been receiving advice and help from a multidisciplinary team of experienced doctors and therapists managed by Dr. Klingenberg. Many doctors also have a professional athlete´s background and are still active sportsmen and sportswomen.

The close multidisciplinary cooperation, short distances and state-of-the-art diagnostics and therapy enable us to offer you a comprehensive medical care.



Prevention in sports medicine

It is better to prevent than to treat injuries. Over-exercising or false loads are often causing sports injuries. The first step is thoroughly evaluating your medical history based on the guidelines of “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sportmedizin und Prävention (DGSP)” (Germany society of sports medicine and prevention), which is followed by examinations.

Part of our services is also a diving suitability examination that is, e.g., necessary to attend diving competitions.

Orthopedically, examining functional movement patterns (e.g., Functional Movement Screen) is the main focus that aims at detecting and counteracting asymmetries and imbalances of our musculoskeletal system in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Physical performance diagnostics / spiroergometry

Based on the evaluation of physical performance diagnostics, we can give you training or therapy recommendations or develop a training schedule for you. So, these results are an important foundation of the improvement of the physical condition and performance, and, thus, your quality of life.


Spiroergometry is essential for conclusive physical performance diagnostics. During spiroergometry, you sit on an ergometer wearing a mask breathing through while exercising. The workload is gradually increased, if possible and medically acceptable, to maximum intensity. At the same time, your heart function is monitored by using ECG electrodes as well as your blood pressure by using a blood pressure meter.

The spiroergometry device analyzes the composition of the air you are breathing out. By measuring certain parameters of this air, we can evaluate the endurance performance, the energy metabolism during exercise (indirect calorimetry) and the performance of your cardiovascular system. Examining the condition of heart, lung and cardiovascular system as well as the physical fitness and progress of training are possible.

Increase in performance

Success in sports is always a result of the 4 pillars training, diet, regeneration and motivation. We determine the correct amount of training by performing fitness testing for endurance athletes at the exercise bike or the treadmill. Diet protocols and laboratory diagnostics are the foundation of adjusting your diet in order to optimize your nutrient supply, immune system and to increase your performance.

Return to play

Athletes want to resume training and attend competitions as soon as possible after an injury. At Beta Klinik, we do not only treat sports injuries but accompany athletes on their way to resume their particular sports activity. It is not only a matter of expertly “repairing” the damage of the injured structure (“hardware”) and recuperation but also of diagnosing and treating imbalances, asymmetries and wrong movement patterns (“software”).

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