The Beta Plus-Concept – Sleep Lab

Well rested at last!

“Goodnight” – A good night thanks to interdisciplinary sleep medicine

Good sleep is physically and mentally important for our well-being.  More and more people have problems falling asleep or have a partner or relative who suffers from this.  Those affected have problems falling asleep, sleeping right through the night, grinding their teeth, snoring or their breathing even stops.

Those who sleep badly are exhausted during the day and are inefficient. This is a condition which needs to be examined as the consequences of long-term un-refreshing sleep can be serious:

  • High blood pressure
  • Feeling stressed
  • Being cold
  • Bad moods, depressive moods
  • Unable to concentrate, inefficient
  • Increased sensitivity to pain
  • Unable to find words
  • Tired during the day
  • Being overweight

A sleep disorder which goes untreated can result in serious conditions such as a heart attack or stroke.




Your night in the Sleep Lab

In order to feel refreshed and well rested, it is necessary to get an average of six to eight hours of deep sleep per night.  During the sleep, there are five sleep cycles during which your sleep quality and health can be measured.  During the night, the medical sleep experts of The Beta Klinik will measure the patient’s brain waves and determine the sleep stages. The subsequent analysis allows for the conclusions regarding the quality of one’s sleep to be drawn.

After the in-depth anamnesis, you will be thoroughly examined and optimally prepared for your stay in the Sleep Lab.  You don’t have to do anything and it won’t hurt at all.  The specialists will attach devices to you and will monitor their function and also your sleep. At the end of your stay, the results will be discussed with you and a treatment plan developed.

Medical sleep expert Dr. Katharina Diamantis and her competent team are supported by experienced doctors and highly trained care personnel.  According to the patient’s clinical picture, experts such as Dr. Judith M. Hoffman and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wille from the field of urology, DZA Bernd G. Knoch from the field of dental medicine, Prof. Dr. Jörg Otto Schwab from the field of cardiology and Prof. Dr. Sven Schinner from the field of endocrinology and diabetology can be called in.

Are you affected?  Take a few moments to answer the following questions…

1. Do you have problems falling asleep?
2. Do you drop off during the day?
3. Are you often tired and exhausted?
4. Do you snore?
5. Do you have high blood pressure?
6. Do you feel sad or depressed?
7. Do you often take sleeping tablets during the week in order to fall asleep?
8. Do you sleep badly, suffer from restless legs or pain?
9. Do you often wake up and then have problems falling asleep again?

If you answered more than two questions with a definite “Yes”, we recommend you have a consultation with a medical sleep expert.  Have your sleep disorder examined because healthy sleep is quality of life.