Beta Plus

Welcome to Beta Plus

As an inter-disciplinary functioning clinic, we offer you through Beta Plus, a detailed and well planned treatment package addressing complex illnesses and complaints. Here you benefit from a treatment concept which is both content wise and medically tailored to the problem. You will always be accompanied by an inter-disciplinary team whose technology and know-how is of the highest standards. All examinations and appointments which your health requires will take place in a defined time frame during the treatment schedule. Short distances make effective and expedient treatment possible.

Beta Plus is the “Plus” in Quality, everything under one roof and from one single provider.


The desperation of obese patients and their multiple diseases is well known. There are, meanwhile, successful treatments in this area.


Sleep Lab

Our experts in the Sleep Lab get to the bottom of your sleeping disorder. Together we will develop the right treatments so you can sleep well again.

Multimodal pain therapy deals with looking at the cause of your pain and developing your individual treatment plan.
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