Glossary Physiotherapy and Treatment

Functional Osteopathy and Integration (FOI)

This method of treatment assumes that a physical misalignment has an effect on the whole posture. Using FOI, the cause of the pain is identified and corrected so that the body can be holistically treated.


We mainly use active measures to restore body and movement functions and show you exercises for self-therapy.

Manual Therapy

Using targeted passive treatment techniques, functional disturbances of the musculoskeletal system can be localised, analysed and treated in order to ease pain and allow for correct movement.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Special massage techniques are used in manual lymph drainage to eliminate swellings and lymphoedema of the tissue.

Fascial Treatment according to FDM (Fascial Distortion Model by Typaldos)

Pain and limitations of the musculoskeletal system can, by means of FDM, be restored by changes to the connective tissue. Our highly trained therapists use these targeted manipulations.

Medical Flossing

Using Medical Flossing, painful muscles and joints are professionally bound using rubber tape. Supervised movements are carried out thereby “flushing out” the tissue. The pain is eased and the flexibility is increased.


Taping is used to correct body posture, to relax muscles or to inhibit infection. According to symptoms, the taping can be used to stimulate blood circulation or to support specific muscle and joint function.

IASTM- Treatment (Instrumented Soft Tissue Massage Technique)

Specially formed stainless steel massage instruments are used in this gentle massage method to loosen hardness and structural changes in the muscles and tissues.

CMD (Cranial Mandibular Dysfunction)

Disorders in the masticatory system are treated together by the corresponding dentist. We offer supporting physiotherapeutic massage, Fango packs or Medi-Taping.

Cross Fibre Massage

Precise massaging in the tendon area improves blood circulation and eases the hardening in the muscles.

Hot and Cold Treatments

Depending on symptoms, we can help healing using hot or cold therapies in the form of packs, bandaging or layers. Warmth eases tension and enhances blood circulation. Cold works with swellings and is anti-inflammatory.

Fango Treatments

Deep lying tension and hardened tissue are eased using Fango packs. The intensive warmth of the mineral mud also helps with rheumatic illnesses and ensures better blood circulation of the relevant area.