Our training equipment

Beta Sport & Reha offers a wide range of training equipment suitable for beginner, advanced and high-performance athletes. Using this method, specific spine training, cardiovascular training, weight training, training of functional movements as well as physiotherapy with training equipment and medical strengthening therapy is possible.

Functional training

With functional training, you can train functional movement sequences effectively. Using this technique, highly individual training is possible such as exercising movement sequences of a special sports discipline or those from every day or professional life. Since there are separate cables for the extremities, the main emphasis can be put on one single half of the body to balance muscular asymmetries for example. Using the equipment and the Cook Bands, you can practice your tennis serve or golf swing.

You can also gently practice every day movements such as lifting a crate of water or other obstacles. Finding and practising the right posture whilst carrying out these moments will be supervised by our team. The resistance and weight on the equipment can be easily and individually adjusted.



Vibration Equipment – Vibroboost

Vibroboost, due to its vibration features is used to stabilise, mobilise and strengthen the body. Using different vibration frequencies, waves are transmitted to the body causing muscles to contract. Since the vibration frequencies are easily adjustable, gentle and very individual training can be carried out.

Huber® 360

The Huber® 360 is a new modular and motorised platform on which exercises can be done. The machine can mobilise every movement level because grips and sensors are integrated on the platform. During the training, these sensors measure the strength used and the movement sequences of the patient. In this way, the equipment can analyse your movement sequences, give you real time feedback and correct your posture on the machine thus stimulating and strengthening targeted muscles. Mobility, flexibility or strength / endurance both maintained and improved to the required level.


Five – all in one

The variable machine Five is designed for targeting and training individual body and muscle groups. The equipment can be put together in different ways and matched according to your needs. Similarly to yoga positions, the large and long muscle chains are influenced. The goal is for these to be stronger and more flexible. The Sport and Reha area of Beta Klinik also offers a so called “Trigger Wand”. This equipment can be used for taut body parts to be separately massaged and treated. In this way very tense muscles can be stimulated and relaxed. The Sport and Reha Team take time for every patient to ascertain the Trigger Points and then treat them using this equipment.


Exercise Equipment for Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular training is a test of your physical endurance. Correctly adjusted and individually adapted, this training prevents cardiovascular diseases and has a positive effect on the whole body.

You have several different exercise machines to choose from at Beta Sport & Reha. They can all be adjusted appropriately to your fitness level and offer a variety of training programmes.

  • Cycle ergometer
  • Treadmill with a gradient of up to 12%
  • Cross trainer – the arms and legs are exercised together with the cardiovascular system
  • Indoor cycling