Glossary Prevention and Training

Equipment Based Physiotherapy

Together with therapists and trainers you will exercise following your tailor-made training plan in our training area. Equipment based physiotherapy supports the physiotherapy.

Medical Training Therapy

Under the careful supervision of our medical specialists and/or physiotherapists you will carry out demanding exercises which should relieve your complaints. The medical specialist is always available to medically intervene and support you.

NeuroKinetic Therapy

NeuroKinetic Therapy is a new form of therapy and works on the “push-pull” principle of the muscles. Through specialised tests, the muscle control imbalance is identified and corrected through targeted exercises.

Working on the Huber® 360

Individual neuromuscular training is possible on the Huber® 360. On the multi-axis and motorised platform, therapeutic movement sequences are analysed, corrected and trained.


The computerised MedX equipment evaluates your flexibility in order for our therapists to develop a tailor-made training plan for you. You will train and exercise your lumbar and cervical spine using the functional lifting and pulling equipment.

Correctional Exercise

Our therapists use Functional-Movement-Screen to examine your movement patterns. You are then shown exercises to correct bad body posture and movements.

Five Methods based on Bio Kinematics

With this flexible modular machine, highly individual stretching and training for specific body and muscle areas is possible. The Trigger Wand is ideal for autonomous use in relaxing the muscles through targeted pressure.

Functional Training

Functional training calls for use of more joints and muscle groups at the same time. This training method treats your body as a whole and increases your performance holistically.