Competence Team – Multimodal Pain Therapy

A Competent Team

An experienced and dedicated team are available to offer the utmost in care to their patients. We highly value a close and interdisciplinary working together in order to offer the optimum care.


Carmen Fargel – Specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, physical and rehabilitation medicine. With the additional title in “Special Pain Medicine”, she has worked with a particular focus on neurological psychosomatics for the last fifteen years, principally focussing on migraines and chronic headache disorders.

Dr. med. Alice Chon-Völker – Anaesthesiology specialist. Even during her training, she learned very much about the possibilities of helping people in pain. She successfully completed further training in special pain therapy and has held the additional title in “Special Pain Medicine” since 2011.

Dr. med. Marcus Klingenberg

Dr. med. Markus Klingenberg – Orthopaedics and trauma surgery specialist. He also holds additional titles in the area of sports medicine, chiropractic therapy / manual medicine and emergency medicine. In the course of multimodal pain therapy, he carries out functional and structural analyses of the musculoskeletal system and supports those patients with chronic pain to learn new movement habits in order to be more mobile again.

Dr. med. Axel Jung

Dr. med. Axel Jung – Neurosurgeon and special neurosurgical intensive medicine specialist and Managing Director of The Beta Klinik. He specialises in microscopic surgery on the head and spinal column using the most modern techniques.

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Gasser

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Gasser – Neurosurgeon and functional neurosurgery specialist and Managing Director of The Beta Klinik. He is specialised in the most modern treatment methods in the handling of pain and movement disorders (Spinal Cord Stimulation – SCS, Deep Brain Stimulation DBS).