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The visit to the proctologist – a thorough discussion and a gentle examination

It can burn, itch or weep. Some have the feeling of a sensation of a foreign body in the anus or experience pain when going to the toilet. All these complaints point to a proctological condition. These are problems which an experienced proctologist such as Stefan Mühlbauer will deal with in an intensive anamnesis and diagnosis, and together with the patient, develop the most suitable treatment for them.

Detailed questions relating to going to the toilet, the regularity and consistency give important information about the health status of the rectum. Even blood in the stool is an important indicator of rectum health and must be asked about. During the in-depth discussion, Stefan Mühlbauer gently checks all the details needed for a first diagnosis. He takes up to an hour with the patient to thoroughly answer all the questions.

Only after this does the gentle physical examination then follow. Patients are almost fully clothed and placed on their more comfortable side. The doctor prioritizes discretion and takes care that the patient does not feel uncomfortable during the examination. Only the lower body area is unclothed when Stefan Mühlbauer carries out the examination.

The examination can include:

  • Scanning of the anal passage
  • Measuring the sphincter muscle pressure with a pencil-thick probe
  • Colonoscopy, endoscopy of the rectum – fearful patients will be given a local anaesthetic
  • Proctoscopy, endoscopy of the rectum – fearful patients will be given a local anaesthetic

Based on the discussion and examination, the experienced surgeon makes a first diagnosis, one which is often the result of many different symptoms. In addition to his many years of treating diseases of the pelvic area, he also counts on the know-how of his colleagues in the related disciplines of urology and gynaecology. The interdisciplinary discussions help in the case of a diagnosis which is not immediately clear and the ensuing appropriate form of treatment to obtain a clear differential diagnosis. Should further diagnostic procedures be necessary, Stefan Mühlbauer thoroughly clarifies the course of treatment in a final conversation, answers all questions and supervises the examination.