Orthopedics, orthopedic surgery and joint replacement—Beta Ortho

Center for orthopedic surgery

The Department of Orthopedics focusses on the surgical treatment of joint diseases. The orthopedic consultants are specialized in joint-saving treatments but also the whole range of artificial joint replacement (total hip replacement, total knee replacement and others).

You can find specialists for foot/ankle, hip, knee or shoulder surgery. It does not matter if it is endoscopic minimally invasive surgery on shoulder, knee, foot/ankle or the implantation of a hip replacement or a knee replacement: “Quality through specialization” is of main importance in Beta Klinik´s philosophy.

Beta Klinik is specialized in the conservative and surgical orthopedic treatment of injuries/diseases of following areas of the body:

Furthermore, we have comprehensive diagnostic options that help diagnose injuries and diseases as well as recommend the best treatment.