Cancer screening and treatment

For patients with urologic cancer, all relevant aspects are discussed in an interdisciplinary manner among members of the tumour board. In cooperation with radiation therapists, pathologists, radiologists and urologists, a customized therapy concept is developed.

The Beta Klinik has high-quality imaging techniques, such as 3-Tesla MRI and innovative, fusion-guided biopsy. As a result, after a multiparametric MRI of the prostate is performed in combination with the fusion-guided biopsy technique, targeted tissue collection of the utmost precision and detection can be carried out.

In addition, the Beta Klinik has an in-house gene laboratory, which can be used to perform gene profiling in order to assess biological aggressiveness and tumour biology in cases of prostate cancer.

Cancer screening

Men who are 45 and older should have their prostates examined in order to screen for the presence of prostate cancer. To that end, in addition to the completion of a comprehensive patient history, a blood test is performed to determine the total and free PSA levels and palpation of the prostate is conducted. The testes, penis, and bladder are also examined for tumour diseases.

Bladder cancer

All patients with known bladder cancer or suspected bladder cancer are fully diagnosed and operated on at the Beta Klinik. Suspicion of bladder cancer is always present when patients notice blood in their urine, with no accompanying pain.

Prostate cancer, including chemotherapy

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in males and is a main Beta Klinik focus area. We offer the entire diagnostic and therapeutic range, from precaution to modern diagnostics by means of multiparametric MRI and fusion punch biopsy to radical (nerve-sparing) prostatectomy. For the exact determination of biological aggressiveness, we offer genetic prostate cancer analyses, in order to develop customized therapy concepts.

Similarly, all drug-based tumour treatment options are available throughout the progression of a prostate carcinoma. During weekly Tumour Board sessions, customized therapy concepts are developed in an interdisciplinary manner among the urologist, radiation therapist, radiologist and oncologist.

Renal cancer, including chemotherapy

At the Beta Klinik, all radical and organ-preserving procedures, including laparoscopic resection techniques, are used for the treatment of kidney tumours. As with prostate cancer, throughout the course of the advancement of disease, drug treatment concepts are discussed and implemented within the interdisciplinary tumour board.

Testicular cancer, including chemotherapy

Similarly, patients with known testicular cancer or suspicion of the presence of a testicular tumour are diagnostically evaluated at the Beta Klinik. Abdominal and lung imaging are effected according to guidelines.
In view of its qualification in drug-based tumour treatment and many years of chemotherapy experience, the Beta Klinik offers all standard chemotherapy treatments.

Penile cancer, including chemotherapy

Penile cancer is a rare male disease and is diagnosed via biopsies and partial resections at the Beta Klinik. Within the interdisciplinary tumour board, personalized therapy concepts are discussed, defined and implemented.