All-ceramic dental restoration

Trends change over time even in dental medicine. In the field of dental prostheses, all-ceramic dental restoration sets the trend owing to aesthetic factors and simplified manufacture. Regarding aesthetics, all-ceramic dental restoration is an unrivaled option because we are able to optimally create natural color gradients and translucency.

Dental caries is often the reason for patients to visit a dentist. But what has to be done if there is a hole in a tooth that should be treated in an aesthetically pleasing but also effortless way?

Modern dental fillings with synthetic materials or ceramic answer this question perfectly.

At our dental department Beta Dental, we favor dental restoration with composites or inlays depending on the extent of the damage caused by caries.

Synthetic fillings / composite fillings / white fillings

A special synthetic material is composite. The synthetic material is reinforced with glass and quartz particles and, thus, gives it a higher durability and ceramic-like look with many color options.

Ceramic inlays / tooth-colored inlays

Is the damage to the tooth too severe to fill it with composite, a modern ceramic inlay ensures the cosmetically optimal care. Unlike gold or amalgam, ceramic inlays are tooth-colored and look natural. Their wear resistance, biocompatibility and even surface are additional advantages